About Ralf Lobeck



Frühjahrs Kunst Salon, Kunstzentrum Signalwerk, Frechen, Germany

Leipziger Buchmesse, Comeback Ltd. Leipzig, Germany

Galerie m. beck, release of the edition »Drop Dead« (solo exhibition), Homburg / Saar, Germany


Kunst Kanzlei »Truth« (solo exhibition), Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany

Budapest Art Market, galerie m beck, Budapest, Hungary

EVBK European Association of Visual Artists, Prüm & Koblenz, Germany

Galeria De Marchi, Trevisian Art, »Assonanze«, Bologna, Italy 

Pan Kunstforum Niederrhein, Museum für moderne Kunst, Emmerich, Germany


Pop up Art, Studio Gallery Tanja Bäumler, Cologne

Galerie m. beck (solo exhibition), Homburg / Saar, Germany

Lelie Galerij, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sophart Gallery, San Pedro Garza García, Mexico 

Miami Art Weeks, Wynwood, (digital), Miami, USA

Casa del Arte (digital), Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg

Swiss Art Expo, (digital), Zürich, Switzerland

EVBK European Association of Visual Artists, Prüm & Trier, Germany, and Eupen, Belgium

Arthouse.nyc, (digital),Big Screen Plaza, New York, USA

Urbanside Gallery, (digital), Zurich, Switzerland 

Tana Art Space, Biennale Venice Artbox Expo, (digital),Venice, Italy

Thomson Gallery, (digital), Zug, Switzerland

Galeria De Marchi, Trevisian Art, »Little Treasures«, Bologna, Italy

Studio Gallery Agnete Sabbagh »Artists for Ukraine«, Cologne

The Stage Gallery, Cologne


Eyegenart Gallery, Cologne

ART MUC, Munich

Kunstraum Grevy, Cologne

Marziart Gallery, Hamburg

The Stage Gallery, Cologne

Eyegenart Gallery, Cologne

Studio Gallery Agnete Sabbagh, Cologne

Kunstraum Grevy, Cologne


Gallery Manoel Nunes, »Accrochage«, Cologne


represented by 

galerie m. beck, Homburg/Saar, www.comebeck.com

Singulart, Paris, www.singulart.com

Artboxy Projects, Zug, Switzerland, www.artboxy.com/profile/bvApTENiLrvq3KiFLo3s  

Private Museum, Andorra, www.privatemuseum.art/artist/ralf-lobeck    



Museum Folkwang / Deutsches Plakatmuseum, Essen



»I'm painting with words.«

Ralf Lobeck's "type paintings" combine color and writing, an interplay of considered use of typography and impulsive application of color. The text is woven into the layers of color, which sometimes appear clear, sometimes fragmented. He lives and works in Cologne and Düsseldorf. After studying visual communication, he worked in various media companies and universities. His artworks are represented on international platforms and at solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.